There was a lot to celebrate for Canada's centennial in 1967—new ideas and identities breathed new life into our country, envied around the world.

2017 was a different type of year. As Canada turned 150, the cynical price of a Canadian citizenship peaked and we began looking in earnest at foreign interference.

We entered the year with news our Prime Minister had met quietly with Chinese millionaires—donors and leading figures of the Chinese Communist Party's global United Front political warfare effort in Canada—who lobbied him to further relax immigration and channels for money laundering. Others donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Trudeau Foundation.

Like it or not, the CCP's new Cold War is upon us.

Plan 200 is about the ideas, actions and changes to keep Canada free and sovereign, and our national conversation going through 2067 and beyond.


Our main ask is a simple, and urgently needed action: sign the petition for laws against foreign interference. Like other free countries, Canada needs new laws written to deter the CCP's political warfare efforts and guide us through the new Cold War.

A growing number of Canadians have lived and learned experience of China, and the threat the CCP poses to our country, culture and values. The ideas and actions gathered here are the best tools all Canadians—new and old, in media, law and business—have to keep things on track.


We make this and other calls for action today so that in 2067, Canadians will have cause to celebrate that major milestone, with a proud national conversation to boot. Send all questions and inquiries here.

Raised on Vancouver Island, John Kennedy has worked on China since 2002. Based then in Guangzhou, John came to know the country through the southern city's many brave journalists, poets, filmmakers, artists and academics with whom he worked on various projects.

By the time Chairman Xi Jinping rose to power, John had moved from covering China for Global Voices to the online desk at South China Morning Post. Before moving back to Canada in 2015, John spent his final years in Hong Kong building Amnesty International's online presence in China.

John has since worked on policy advocacy in BC, campaigned against corrupt Chinese cash, exhaustively documented CCP influence in Canada, and most recently served as a language analyst for the RCMP.