22 March 2021

Both assailants again failed to appear for their preliminary hearing, which has now been rescheduled for 19 April 2021. The only explanation Louis has been given so far is that the defendants have requested more time to study the evidence against them (see video below). 

What can you do? Call Crown Prosecutor C. Baerg at 236-880-2699 and explain why aggravated assault charges don't match the complex crime here.

22/26 February 2021

Huang's assailants, Mu Bai and Shiliang Yin, were due in court in Surrey for a preliminary hearing; neither man appeared and both hearings were rescheduled for 22 March. 

10 January 2021

On 25 November, 2020, Louis Huang was viciously assaulted by two unknown men in an unprovoked attack in a cul de sac in Surrey, British Columbia; video of the incident shows two men punching Louis and kicking him in the head after he fell to the ground.


Admitted to hospital with a broken tooth, a dislocated eye and broken eye socket, Louis' surgery had to be postponed due to severe internal bleeding. Louis has seen one plastic surgeon three times, but has since been referred to a second plastic surgeon and may still need surgery to fix his right eye.













As many readers know, Louis is a veteran campaigner for freedom and democracy—in China, and for Chinese Canadians—who on the morning of his assault was visiting fellow dissident Gao Bingchen.


Though Louis' injuries have begun to heal, he still doesn't know who attacked him and his faith in Canada remains shaken. Nearly 50 days have passed since the attack, and the matter has yet to reach a courtroom.


Louis not only doubts the ability of Canada's legal system to protect critics of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—and he is right to feel unsafe in Canada, as a number of prior incidents have shown—there is no indication the government of Canada will take steps to prevent another such attack.



The CCP is running a complex political warfare campaign against all fronts, Canada included—it is the elephant we can't find the words to describe.

One of those fronts concerns Canadian dissidents from the People's Republic of China—silencing the CCP's most effective critics is a top priority, and while official attempts have been made anyone is welcome to try and will be compensated as a result.


Louis' case concerns businessman Guo Wengui, who over the years built a fortune in China under the protection of former Vice Minister of State Security Ma Jian. Guo fled China shortly before his benefactor Ma fell in 2015, and Guo's assets in China and Hong Kong were frozen not long after.


Guo quickly realised his best way to regain his assets and get back in Beijing's good graces is to silence Beijing's critics—Surrey-based Gao Bingchen (pen name Huang Hebian) is Guo's only Canadian target and Louis was an innocent bystander.


While we don't know the names of Louis' assailants, they themselves made it clear they work on behalf of Guo in Canada; this was their reason for being outside Gao's house on the morning they assaulted Louis.


Thanks to US court documents, we also know that since 2016, Guo has built a private army using a tactic long-since banned in China: Guo offered private investors unrealistic returns, burned through the money they entrusted to him, then made those investors his foot soldiers on the false hope of ever getting their money back.


Who has Guo used his private army against? Strictly those dissidents Beijing wants silenced. Guo has repeatedly urged his many followers to kill CCP critics on his behalf, and even celebrated the attack on Louis in a YouTube vlog.




Louis' case is now with the BC Prosecution Service and a court date has not been set. As rule of law in Canada and our government are compromised by growing CCP influence, there is real risk Louis will not receive the justice he deserves, and instead this case—with its complex political and national security elements—will simply fall by the wayside.


To keep Canada Canadian, we must not let this happen.

1. Contact the BC Prosecution Service and patiently explain the complex situation that led to this attack; although Canada lacks laws against foreign interference, Guo's financial situation has been established in court and we have an opportunity here to explain the urgent need to update Canada's criminal code to deal with this and other complex political cases that define the CCP's ongoing New Cold War.

BC Prosecution Service 

Phone: 1-800-880-0554 (toll-free)

Twitter: @BCProsecution


2. Join our ongoing campaign to push for new laws against foreign interference in Canada here. Louis' case is unlikely to be the last. Only together, and through fighting CCP influence in cases like this, can we build a stronger Canada that works for all Canadians.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates as Louis' case makes its way to court.


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