Canada is now the only Five Eyes member to not ban or restrict use of Huawei 5G equipment

Robert Fife, Alexandra Posadzki, Paul Waldie, Adrian Morrow

14 July 2020

Canada is now the only member of the Five Eyes intelligence-pooling alliance that has not barred or restricted use of equipment from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in its 5G networks after Britain changed course on Tuesday and banned the Chinese telecommunications giant’s gear.

The federal government is giving no indication of whether it will follow the lead of Britain and its other Five Eyes allies – United States, Australia and New Zealand – and freeze Huawei out of supplying the super-fast 5G cellular technology, despite renewed calls from the opposition parties and mounting allied pressure.

On Tuesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson banned the purchase of any new Huawei 5G equipment and ordered all of its 5G gear stripped from the country’s telecommunications networks by 2027.

The decision is a victory for U.S. President Donald Trump and bi-partisan members of the U.S. Congress who have long viewed Huawei as a security threat and want Canada and other countries to ban its gear.

Britain set restrictions on Huawei in January, but not a 5G ban. On Tuesday, Mr. Johnson reversed that decision after the United States blocked Huawei’s access to semiconductor supplies and computer chips that are based on U.S. designs – a move that could push the Shenzhen-based giant to seek less-trusted alternatives, increasing the security risk of its components.

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